React.js & Next.js Development

Trust your React web application to 9thCO’s experienced team

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Our Toronto-based full-stack web development team has been developing React applications since 2017. We’ve worked with clients across North America and Europe, and can handle your most challenging application needs.  

Trust your React or Next.js web application to 9thCO’s experienced team:

  • We will architect and build your React or Next.js app from ground up, with scalability and performance in mind.
  • With a full in-house SEO team, your application will be optimized for SEO from the ground up.
  • We provide complete post-project support, and can also support existing React or Next.js implementations.
  • Using ReactNative we can build a mobile app to complement your web app.
  • Our experienced team of full stack developers follow agile methodologies to deliver client requirements on time and on budget.
  • With over 20 years of experience and 19 industry awards, we’re confident we know our stuff.

Common Questions

There are many advantages to these two frameworks, so much so that our team has chosen to specialize specifically in them. Speed of deployment, responsive interface, widespread adoption, extensibility and scalability are some of the key strengths. Our clients regularly remark about “how fast” the interfaces are that we build using React or Next.js. It is now a mature framework, used by global companies.

It is common for React applications to run into SEO issues, due to how JavaScript works in the browser and how a React website/application starts. We have a full in-house SEO team that our developers collaborate with, as well as plenty of experience resolving SEO issues for our React-based clients. We incorporate these solutions as part of our development process to ensure your website can be indexed properly by search engines.

Likely yes. The versatility of React allows us to integrate with virtually any platform or web application. Whether you want your backend CMS coupled with a React front-end, or a JavaScript-based full-stack React website/application, the possibilities are endless.

  • We are fluid with the MERN stack
    • MongoDB
    • Express.js
    • React.js
    • Node.js
  • We also use:
    • ReactNative
    • Next.js
    • Gatsby
    • GraphQL and Rest APIs
    • AWS

Due to the component-based architecture of React and Next.js, extensibility is baked in from the ground up. Essentially, the very nature of the frameworks makes it possible to extend functionality and improve the end product without rewriting the entire codebase. At the same time, 9thCO’s development process ensures that your short and long term needs are accounted for during the architecture planning phase.

Our team of experienced React developers will continuously test and optimize your new or existing application to ensure they continue to perform blazingly fast by profiling performance, and checking for unnecessary re-renders or memory-leaks.