35% Increase in Visitors Average Time on Site


35% Increase in Visitors Average Time on Site

Echologics is an industry leader in acoustic water leak detection, monitoring and assessment.


The Challenge

Visitors were confused about what Echologics did. Echologics approached 9thCO with the goal to improve its sites focus, usability and conversion rates.

The Solution

9thCO streamlined the architecture to give visitors a clear understanding of echologics USP’s. The addition of a more flexible content management system was implemented to ensure future growth plans could be implemented.

The simplified navigation makes it easier for customers to find product information and support. In addition, we provided:

  • An infographic to visually example the client's products.
  • Local content served based on visitors location.
  • Custom Google Maps Integration for dealer/distributor lookups.
  • A flexible CMS that allows administrators to quickly and easily update site content and product information.

The Results

  • Organic traffic increased by 52%, direct by 55%, social by 26%.
  • Organic bounce rate decreased by 84%.
  • New users coming to the site has increased by 27%.
  • Mobile traffic coming to the site has increased by 74%