Since 1982, Mentor College has been educating students from kindergarten to university, motivating them to achieve academic excellence.

The Challenge

This private school needed to provide a better online experience to both parents and students. They also wanted to provide a convenient way for keeping both audiences up-to-date with school events and important dates. Most importantly, Mentor College wanted to increase awareness of and demand for their curriculum.

The Solution

9thCO designed and developed a new website that gave visitors an exceptional Mentor College experience. The most challenging part of this project was balancing the needs and preferences of students with those of parents. So we designed and structured the site to balance those preferences, built a Responsive website with an easy-to-use CMS to allow administrators to quickly and easily control site content. That way, even last minute announcements, like snow days, could be communicated via the website. 9thCO also implemented a digital marketing strategy aimed at driving new students to the school’s website.

The Results

Within the first six months of working with 9thCO:

  • Increased website users by 98%.
  • Increased sessions (or time spent on the site) by 87%.
  • Boosted primary keyword rankings to the first page of search results.
  • Increased overall brand image and attained a project ROI in less than 6 months.

The Client Weighs In

"You always let us know of the most current technology options available. Nothing is assumed or taken for granted. My input was always considered and if the idea was not a good one, the reasons are always clearly explained before any decision is made. 9thCO is in touch regularly. We have never felt forgotten. You deliver the product on time. There are no surprises because we have been updated regularly throughout. Everybody is always impressed and wowed with the final product."

Art Petrosian, Administration