The 9thCO Team

Our growing team of Toronto-based associates consist of young and dynamic professionals. We take pride that all our client work is done in-house by our well trained team. No work is outsourced to third parties offshore.

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9thCO Highlights.

  • Core specialities: design, web development, and Internet marketing.​
  • Over 16 years of success.​
  • In-house team of experts.
  • Featured speaker at six industry conferences to date.​
  • Featured company in a best practices case study published by Google.​
  • Certified Google Partner and featured on Google’s Partners Google page.​
  • Voted best Toronto SEO company in 2010.​
  • Referenced as industry experts by leading publications (CTV News, City TV News, The National Post, ITWorld Canada, Backbone Magazine, ITBusiness, Web Host Industry Review, SeachEngineLand).​