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React vs. Angular or Vue - Which is the 'Best' Javascript Library

Which front-end technology should you choose for your next web application?

To be fair, the very question of "which Javascript library/platform/framework is best?", is a fundamentally flawed question. There is no best, and which technology to use should be determined by the functional and architectural needs of application.

So, while 9thCO can build and support almost all modern Javascript technologies, 4 out of 5 times our engineers will recommend React.

Why React?

React is renowned for its versatile, and easily composable component-based architecture, making it preferred over other Javascript libraries. From the standpoint of versatility, specializing in React allows our team to also build mobile apps with React Native, build front-end interfaces rapidly, and even fullstack web applications using a React framework like Next.js. Its large market share also means support and availability of packages are highly available.

From a business perspective, however, the beauty of adopting the React ecosystem is that it makes it faster and easier to onboard new developers (as well as retain them). Additionally, the standardization of React development means that we are able to jump into existing codebases and pick up where another team has left off.

Conversely, we can build an application for a client, and then hand it off for their team to maintain - no need to learn proprietary technologies in order to continue development.

What About the Jamstack?

While not exclusively an advantage of React, two causal effects of utilizing a React framework within the Jamstack methodology are that your website becomes:

  1. Perfectly optimized for page speed. Here's a recent site we launched:

    nextjs pagespeed scores

  2. Virtually unhackable, which is invaluable in today’s environment of high-risk cybersecurity attacks.

Having a globally-distributed, highly secured and instantaneous website gives our clients extreme competitive advantages.


For the most part, our team can walk into most systems that have been built within the Javascript ecosystem. But candidly, our preference is to be involved from the architectural phase, and React most often rises above the rest as the most suitable solution.