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Gatsby Development Company

Our team has been developing in the JS ecosystem since 2015. You can trust 9thCO to develop fast, secure and unbreakable websites, landing pages and apps.

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Extensive Gatsby Experience

Fast, secure and highly composable. Trust 9thCO for your next Gatsby project:

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    Strategic roadmap

    Our dedicated web development team creates user-centric websites for effective engagement and user experience. Using the latest trends in web development, we build custom web applications that contain advanced features and functionality.

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    We build websites with near-instantaneous loading and navigation times. These translate to more organic traffic and better conversion rates.

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    We offer headless CMS solutions delivered by APIs for seamless display across different devices, resulting in a frictionless experience for all users.

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    Websites we build with Jamstack (using Gatsby for the frontend) are virtually unbreakable! This saves tremendous time and cost for our clients by providing security and stability.

Our Tech Stack

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9thCO’s Gatsby Development Process

Our team meets with you to learn about your functionality, content and data needs. We develop a strategic plan including which technologies will comprise your website’s composable architecture.

SEO Planning
Our SEO team will conduct thorough and relevant keyword research, then map out and assign keywords to planned pages and sections to be built into your new site.

Information Architecture
Using your content inventory as well as the SEO research, we’ll establish a complete information architecture, including navigation, page components and content brief.

Leveraging a suitable UI Library, our Creative team will develop wireframes and prototype designs for your review.

Our team of seasoned developers will determine the resources that will fit your project, and propose an MVP solution for launch. Your dedicated project manager will define tasks and create a timeline for the project.

We set the project structure, we start developing each page component, keeping in mind scalability, performance, security, and optimization.

Our team performs quality assurance on all functionality and peer code reviews in order to prevent bugs from going into a production environment.

Our development team maintains the tools and tracking you’ll need, such as Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics. Optionally we can work with you to define a custom Data Layer.

SEO Migration
If we’re replacing an existing website, our SEO team will plan and execute a migration of the SEO value that the current website has.

DNS settings need to be updated, and you have a fully responsive and optimized website that’s blazingly fast!

We offer a maintenance plan to continuously improve your website, so it can remain industry-leading.

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Case Studies

Here are a few samples of our team's custom web development solutions.

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Our team has been developing cutting-edge digital platforms and campaigns since 2013, servicing clients globally.

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