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PPC Performance Assessment

Improve CPA and/or RoAS with our experienced in-house PPC team and proprietary tools.

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Reduce Waste and Increase the Return from your Existing PPC Campaigns

  • 9thCO is a Premier Google Partner, and a member of Google’s International Growth Acceleration Program.

  • We've decreased clients' cost-per-acquisition (CPA) by more than 50% in many campaigns.

  • We carefully audit each component of your campaign(s) to uncover hindrances to performance, and suggest areas for improvement.

  • We will even review your landing pages and overall website in order to suggest UI/UX improvements or potential A/B tests in order to increase visitor retention and improve conversion rates.

  • Often tracking is a major issue. We can completely review your data requirements, fix tracking issues and even implement a completely custom data layer to give you the level of reporting you need.

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9thCO’s PPC Process

  • We review your campaign(s) quality score and report on areas of improvement.

  • Our PPC team assesses all campaign(s) targeting settings, as well as keyword targeting and match types. 

  • Ad copy is reviewed for performance and relevance, and our copywriters will suggest improvements.

  • We review layout and engagement metrics of URLs targeted, and provide optimization recommendations in order to increase landing page performance.

  • Our team will even review copy and above-the-fold content prioritization, and provide
    recommendations for optimization in terms of length, proper use of headings, sufficient use of keywords etc.

  • Our dev team is pulled in to carefully test tracking and report any issues.

  • Where appropriate, a custom data layer is designed and proposed for implementation.

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