SEO & Usability Audits in Toronto

Google uses hundreds of different variables to evaluate a website. So how do you know which to focus on when it comes to improving your organic search engine results?

9thCO employees working
lighthouse and SEO dashboard

9thCO reviews your on-page and off-page optimization efforts to find any indexing constraints and identify opportunities to improve your rankings.

How we do it

  • First, we assess your website to identify any indexing and usability constraints.
  • Then, we conduct deep analysis to identify the cause of these constraints, their priorities and the extent to which they contribute to your performance.
  • After that, we’ll document our findings and provide insights on how you can resolve these issues.

Common Questions

9thCO's SEO audits include both a content and technical audit of your website's current state and health. This allows us to identify primary content opportunities (e.g., page titles) as well on-site technical errors that could be impacting your web presence.

9thCO performs an SEO audit as one of the first tasks for a new client. After the first audit, 9thCO may perform more on a quarterly basis but timelines are dependent on the website and volume of identified issues. However, as part of our ongoing SEO program, we perform monthly on-site reviews to identify technical errors outside of large SEO audit projects.

The amount of developer resources needed is dependant on a few main factors:

  • Size of your website (and possibly which framework it’s using as some may be more complex than others)
  • Number of issues and their respective complexities (or lack thereof)
  • Urgency of resolution, as this may determine if all hands on deck are needed

If your company doesn’t have any in-house developers or has minimal resources, 9thCO has a development team that is more than familiar with correcting SEO flags on a website. Contact us to learn about what we can do for you!

Yes. We understand that it’s imperative to prepare for Google's Page Experience updates. Our in-house SEO and development team can provide a Core Web Vitals Audit to make sure you’re provided with solutions.