Website Migration Consulting

You've worked hard to build your brand. And we'll work just as hard to make sure you keep your equity with our top-notch digital merging strategies.

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Flowchart showing importance of website migration and process

For companies planning to merge multiple websites into one, or migrate to a new domain/platform, a website migration strategy from 9thCO will:

  • Mitigate the risk of a loss of search engine rankings.
  • Reduce potential loss of organic website traffic post-migration.
  • Enable your website to deliver a cohesive branding message.
  • Minimize development time required to maintain multiple websites.

How we do it

  • We work with you to understand your business and specify your objectives.
  • We conduct inventory of your digital properties and assets to ensure everything is taken into consideration.
  • We then create a detailed report outlining our suggestions and how they should be implemented for maximum effectiveness.

Common Questions

If your company is being acquired or is planning to acquire another company, you may be planning for a rebrand and/or merging of services and websites. In that case, creating a website migration strategy ahead of time could be vital to ensuring the website or brand presence is not compromised in the process. We can be with you each step of the way. 

We've seen large-scale mishaps occur without a proper migration plan, like traffic and ranking loss, or pages being incorrectly redirected. This causes an unpleasant user experience. We want to ensure everything is taken into account and that there is minimal loss to traffic and rankings over time.

There is no quick answer to this question, as each situation is unique and each brand carries with it history and brand equity. 9thCO takes great care in tailoring a website migration plan for your specific needs, based on internal and external data as well as your business objectives. For example, we may recommend a full, partial, or no migration at all depending on what our specialists recommend based on their analysis, and will include specific timelines, milestones and benchmarks. 

Our goal is to mitigate and minimize potential traffic, rankings, or leads loss during a migration. We work to achieve this by tailoring a migration strategy specifically for your project and business goals.

A few primary areas to consider are:

  • Business goals (e.g., do you plan to rebrand at all?)
  • Your developer resources
  • Content (e.g., do you plan to rewrite and/or change messaging?)
  • Product/service consolidation
  • Media assets
  • Tracking and conversion points
  • Brand strength
  • Rankings for non-branded keywords

To understand your brand presence in the market, we perform thorough data analysis to assess the potential (or lack) of any brand equity loss if your website is migrating to a new domain or existing domain. Based on that, we tailor website migration strategy along with any pros/cons to ensure both teams are aware of what to expect.

Downtime is always possible. However, we work collaboratively with a development time (either yours or ours) to ensure that there is minimal downtime when a website is migrating. We also ensure that no users reach a non-existent page (404).

This depends on a few factors:

  • The number of migrating websites and their size
  • New website creation and/or redesign
  • Your team's resources
  • The timeline for a brand and website launch

We plan the strategy and the execution to get you from point A to B with all the support you may need from an SEO point of view.