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Growing. Unique. Experts. Lead-Generating. Relevant. These are just a few words our clients would use to characterize us. Our fluency in digital design and internet marketing is unparalleled. And our results are proven.

The Directors and Officers.
The Directors and Officers.
The 9thCO Team at work.
The 9thCO Team at work.
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Our Clients And Us

It’s not every day you find an agency willing to work with their clients like we do. We spend time getting to know our clients, both inside and outside the office, so a true business partnership can form. At the end of the day, we’re here to see our clients thrive.

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Endorsements of Quality Work. It's not only us who think we do great work. Others do too. Check out our awards, accolades and articles below.


9thCO at TMX market close.

Toronto, Ontario, October 3, 2022 - 9thCO and representatives from TMX Group, including the TMX Money team, had the honour of closing the market to kick off the World Federation of Exchanges’ (WFE) ‘Ring the Bell for Financial Literacy’ campaign during World Investor Week (WIW).

Toronto, Ontario, February 15, 2022 — 9thCO is pleased to announce that it has been named a 2022 Google Premier Partner, a top tier distinction within the Google Partners program.

This new status enables 9thCO to take advantage of an array of resources, such as executive events, training initiatives, and advanced Google support. The acknowledgement by Google puts 9thCO in a position held by only 3% of Google Partners and recognizes that 9thCO is a top-performing company within Canada.

With additional resources to encourage 9thCO’s Google Ads success, the agency can do even more to support their clients’ businesses and marketing efforts. From accessing product betas to attending invite-only events, 9thCO is excited to leverage these opportunities for their clients and continue delivering award-winning results.

"We’ve been a Google Partner for the past several years now, so this news is fantastic," said Justin Cook, 9thCO’s President of Internet Marketing. "To retain Premier Partner status is a testament to the calibre of work our team produces and the commitment 9thCO has to our clients."

In addition, the Premier Partner badge recognizes that 9thCO is an expert in Google Ads and maintains a high standard of service when it comes to assisting clients and building partnerships. 9thCO appreciates that the change in status signifies an ongoing commitment to excellence. The agency is enthusiastic about continuing to meet the standards of the partnership moving forward.

Forbes hosted an Expert Panel on the "14 Key Things Businesses Should Consider When Choosing An Ad Platform." The Expert Panel series is an invitation only event that offers insight into growing trends within different industries from official Forbes Council members.

In this article, Justin Cook (President of Internet Marketing) weighed in on the topic, stating "[a]n often overlooked factor is competition in correlation to budget, as most ad platforms are auction-based. For example, a client may want to run Google Ads, but if competition is strong in their industry, the cost-per-click may be prohibitive, yielding only a few visits. In such a case, we might opt for Microsoft Ads, which can still deliver qualified visitors at a lower cost, albeit with a smaller audience."

9thCO's President of Internet Marketing, Justin Cook, appeared on Gotoclient’s podcast, Crucial optimisation insights in B2B lead generation campaigns for 2022 with Justin Cook, to speak about B2B lead generation campaigns along with other crucial optimization insights.

"One of the biggest challenges is understanding that over the course of the last year and a half there's been an awakening to digital marketing. Massive corporations are shifting their advertising dollars away from traditional advertising and into digital platforms. This means there's potential for great success…but most of these platforms work using auction technology which can be incredibly competitive. Approaching the very foundation of a campaign with an understanding of what it will take to compete in this type of market is imperative."

Gotoclient is a world-class B2B online marketing agency that regularly speaks to industry leaders about the future of sales and marketing.

Toronto, Ontario, September 16, 2021 - 9thCO is excited to announce that it will be one of only 30 agencies in North America to participate in the Google Partners International Growth program.

Through this program, 9thCO will be able to access new resources that foster international expansion efforts for its clients.
"Due to our depth of experience with multinational clients, we’re uniquely positioned to take full advantage of this opportunity," said Aaron Mogàdam, CEO of 9thCO. "Not only will our team benefit from the training initiatives and insightful tools provided by Google - we are excited that our clients now have access to additional resources that will be invaluable to their success in international markets that are not publicly available."

While 9thCO is recognized for its extensive work across industries, it will now be able to assist clients with identifying international opportunities, forecasting new market performance, and deploying international expansion initiatives. 9thCO’s staff will also gain access to top tier educational resources to strengthen their already established knowledge and expertise.

9thCO is a full service digital marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada. It specializes in internet marketing, ecommerce, design, development and other related tactics.

Justin Cook (President of Internet Marketing) of 9thCO headlined Intrado Digital Media’s "Making The Most of Website Data" event.

Cook alongside Kerry Kiley (Intrado) spoke at the event; moderated by Jeff Stacey (Intrado). The event was an open forum around the importance of data and analytics in the PR, marketing and investor relations industries. 

Topics included: 

  • How to think beyond just hits and visits
  • Why data analysis is crucial, regardless of your industry
  • Specific examples of companies going beyond simple traffic metrics

"Analytics are good, but they just give you data and it can be hard to know what to do with that data," - Justin Cook, the President of Internet Marketing at 9thCO Inc. 

"It's the fear of the unknown."

"We’re at the beginning of a grand awakening," says Cook with regards to the type of data to which businesses have access and how it can best be leveraged to improve website performance.

The event was available for streaming via webinar in addition to the in-person event.

9thCO employees in the office.
9thCO employees in the office.

Company Culture

We work hard so we can celebrate the wins. Our team is a tightly knit roster of diverse digital marketing experts dedicated to supporting our clients. At the heart of our hard work is a love for what we do -- mixed with a healthy dash of play.


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We may be only slightly biased when we say that 9thCO is the best digital marketing agency in the city to launch, continue or grow your career in internet marketing. We’re always on the hunt for talented individuals, and you may just be the perfect fit.

Don't see anything available or fit your strengths? For future opportunities please email us at hr@9thCO.com

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