PPC Management Agency in Toronto

Your search engine marketing will really click with our PPC agency services.

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The numbers don't lie: we've decreased clients' cost-per-acquisition (CPA) by more than 50% in many campaigns. Not to mention that we're a Premier Google Partner. That means we have search engine marketing insights and tools that few other agencies have. We're the PPC elite.

Here's what our PPC team does best.

  • Our team is performance-obsessed and always on their toes. We're monitoring and tweaking our methodology each week to ensure your paid campaigns are reaching peak performance.
  • We're textbook people people. And by that we mean that we use sophisticated campaign structures to target the right audience for your brand. We're not here to waste your advertising dollars.
  • We're also constantly weighing your best options by engaging in real-time refinement and A/B testing to steadily improve your campaign's performance. If there's a better performance method out there, our PPC management service team will find it.
  • Plus, we always provide detailed reports for concrete ROI measurement of your Search and Display campaigns. At the end of the day, we want results just as much as you do. And we’ll get them.

Common Questions

We can work with most ad budget sizes while prioritizing your business goals.

Typically, we provide monthly reports packed with data and insights. We're flexible and willing to tailor our reporting cadence to your needs.

Dedicating a portion of your ad budget to branded terms is key to ensuring your competitors are not capitalizing on your brand name and recognition. Branded campaigns are also the lowest hanging fruit with the lowest Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

GCLID, or Google Click Identifier, is a key component to tracking your Google Ads campaigns. It's a unique tracking parameter that gets appended to your URLs each time a user clicks through, and is used to transfer data between your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts. You can also leverage GCLID to track offline conversions and trace it back to your PPC campaigns.

We select bidding strategies based on multiple factors, including your type of business, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), historical account performance data, and new feature releases from advertising platforms. There is no one bidding strategy that works for every business. For example, if you’re an e-commerce business and your Google Ads account has enough historical data, our team might recommend using a targeted RoAS bidding strategy.

We specialize in PPC advertising on platforms such as Google Ads, Google Merchant Center, Bing Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, StackAdapt, and more. We also use sophisticated platforms for optimization, testing, and reporting. These include: Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Data Studio. Did we also mention that our team is certified in Shopify?